SQL Quiz #10 – The OUTPUT Clause

The OUTPUT clause is supported in T-SQL for modification statements, which you can use to return information from modified rows. This clause, even if not as popular as others, is useful in multiple scenarios, for example: for auditing purposes confirmation messages archiving your data It can be used to return information about every row affected Read More


Learning Corner #9 – Nested transactions

In this article, I will explain what are nested transactions and how we can use them. The article is structured in the form of interview questions. Some questions may have a more detailed answer than what is needed, but the purpose is to give you a clear overview on this subject, not only a cheat Read More


Learning Corner #7 – Introduction to Transactions

The transactions subject is a very important one in SQL Server and a must have knowledge for all the good developers. However, although mostly everybody is familiar with the concept of transactions and is also able to use them successfully in SQL Server, there may be some more sensitive issues regarding transactions which are not Read More